B*tch Kitchen Faves

If you follow me on Instagram (you should), you know my cute NYC apt kitchen is fondly referred to as the B*tch Kitch.  My roomies and I love the B*tch Kitch, since we bond in there over a glass of wine after work as we cook dinner. 

I have a few favorite funky gadgets I keep in B*tch Kitch that I cannot live without.  Here are my must-haves for healthy, easy cooking:


Paderno Spiralizer

This gadget turns vegetables into noodles.  It's ideal for pasta lovers who want to cut carbs and incorporate more vegetables into their life.   You can spiralize anything from zucchini, to carrots, to potatoes.  There are multiple ways of enjoying your spiralized veggies either hot or cold.  Check out Inspiralized for some great ideas!


Silicone Nonstick Reusable Baking Cups

Once I discovered these in a cooking class I took in Charleston, I was hooked.  You don't need a muffin tin, and can make anything from baked egg cups (shown above), to muffins, cakes, even mini mac and cheese cups! Once cooked, your food pops right out of them.  They are also super easy to clean, making these a must-buy for any meal prep connoisseur. 


Evo Oil Sprayer

Pouring oil onto something is f'in scary.  It usually pours out of the bottle too quickly, leaving your food soaked and ruined.  This oil sprayer squirts out just the right amount of oil, whether you are going to dress your salad, or coating the bottom of a pan before cooking.  The bottle comes with a funnel so there's no mess when pouring the oil in.  

The Steeper

When I am not having a cocktail and have already drank a ton of water, tea is my beverage of choice.  There is nothing better than loose tea!  The varieties are endless, and with this gadget, loose tea is not escaping into your mug upon steeping.  The Steeper works by placing the tea leaves in the bottom, then pouring your boiling water over it.  Steep according to tea instructions, then place over a mug where the infused water pours out, and none of the leaves escape!  I also love pouring this over ice in the summer for a refreshing treat.