4 NYC Dining Out Faves

Recently I wrote a blog asking the question "How the F Do I Cook?". Sometimes the answer is you don't.  Sometimes you are just too hungover from last night’s happy hour, are trying to avoid your ex while grocery shopping, or just simply don't want to clean dishes.  I struggle with all of these things at least once a week too!  One of the best parts of living in a big city is the endless amount of delicious restaurants on every corner! I have to say I am definitely a self-proclaimed foodie who loves dining out- both alone and with my besties. Here are my top five fave food spots to eat in NYC currently, with #AmyintheBigApple approved eats and atmospheres.  

1. Cafe Clover  

Clover is the most "upscale" option on my list, but I had to include it because of the chef’s affinity for using local and seasonal food.  Everything at this cute spot is delicious, and the chef here is very conscious about using bad fats and oils in his cooking.  One of my favorite dishes at Café Clover this season is the Beet and Mushroom Veggie Burger. It is made in house so you know you’re not getting some frozen patty made of chemicals, additives, preservatives, and fillers. It crushes every other veggie burger, and is topped with a spicy sweet potato jam.  Mind blown. 

2.  Dimes

Although the entire menu is a Health Coach's dream, this spot gets super packed, and therefore you're best off coming here alone to avoid the long waits. Do not let this deter you from this spot!  Their acai bowls are to die for. They are the perfect combination of filling, nutrient dense, and refreshing.  

3. By Chloe

Chloe is the answer to the question "If I want a veggie focused meal but also want junk food, what do I do?"  I always want a healthier alternative to junk food, but I want the look and feel of junk food.  This place looks like Shake Shack meets Barbie Dream House, with affordable over the counter vegan eats that won't run you more than $15 an entree.  My personal faves are the air baked sweet potato fries, and the pesto meatballs (#AmyintheBigAppleTip: ask for the "meatballs" on a bed of lettuce instead of the bun).  Also, you absolutely cannot leave without trying the Kale Cookies and Cream "ice cream"; made with coconut milk, raw agave nectar, vanilla, and gluten-free chocolate wafers.  


4. Grazin' Tribecca  

Grazin' is bar-meets-barn perfection.  This little watering hole in Tribeca boasts high ceilings in a rustic looking venue; with a bar showcasing whatever game is on that night.  A perfect combo when you want to eat a grass-fed burger and bae wants to watch football (my standard Sunday night).  The burgers are juicy and delicious, and the meat comes from their upstate farm in Hudson, NY.  They also have a kick-ass seasonal dessert right now- a gluten-free organic crustless pumpkin pie in a cute mason jar.  A must-have fo sho.